Our partners

Shared Resources Joint Solutions works with almost 200 partners: 89 in Africa, 58 in Asia and 42 in South America.
This is what they say about the programme:

Fabiana María Benitez Popoff
Operative Coordinator and Project Officer
Guyra Paraguay

Shelton Jannie
Wetlands Officer
WWF Mozambique

Vicky van Heck
Programme Manager
Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO)

Mike McCormack
Policy Forum Guyana

Femy Pinto
Executive Director
Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Program Asia

Jelmer Kamstra
Senior Policy Officer
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rob Verheem
Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

Ani Darliani
Field Manager
Balai Syura Indonesia (Aceh)

Jeannie Raharimampionona
Head of the Conservation Department
Missouri Botanical Garden Madagascar

Cate Owren
Senior Gender Programme Manager

Mamadou Karama
Executive Secretary
AGEREF Comoé-Léraba
Burkina Faso

EnP Aproniano R. Panorel
Executive Director
PARTS Philippines